10 tips for effective email subject lines

I recently viewed a webinar, “Top 10 things you need to know about email creative,” offering insider tips for creating more effective emails.

Jordan Ayan, CEO of email service provider SubscriberMail, underlined the importance of relevant, concise subject lines.

Why is your subject line so critical?

Because it’s the first thing your audience will read.

In fact, people these days make quick decisions about what to “trash” or “junk” based solely on the subject line. And they determine which emails they will open and read based on the same criteria.

10 email subject line tips

  1. Use no more than 45 characters or five words – give a major benefit quickly and concisely
  2. Never use all caps – all caps are perceived as screaming by your audience
  3. Avoid punctuation – this can stop your reader when you want her to keep going
  4. Stay away from “cute” subject lines, but be creative – cute can backfire
  5. Make it relevant to your target audience – relevancy is the key to getting a good response
  6. Test subject lines three times – try out your subject lines on a small sample before rolling them out to a wider audience
  7. Think like a filter – stay up on words to avoid (including spam words) as these do change, and you want to maximize deliverability
  8. Target your audience with different subject lines – the days of mass emailing are over or coming to an end.
  9. Send different messages to different segments of your audience
  10. Think relationship, not message – people buy from people they know, like and trust, so begin by building that relationship

Let’s face facts… all of our inboxes are clogged with more and more junk each day.

For your email to even have a chance of working (i.e. generating leads or sales) you need it to be opened and read. And it all starts with a subject line that passes your audience’s “test.”

Does that make sense to you?

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