10 Tips to Increase Online Sales… and Revenue

You have built it and they do come.


Well, maybe.

Unlike “Field of Dreams” there is no divine intervention available to drive targeted traffic to your door. You have to do that yourself… or hire a professional with a track record for helping businesses generate more online leads and sales.

Unfortunately for most businesses, they realize this hard truth too late.

Let’s put it this way… without a website you have 0% chance of making a sale online. So…

having a website is the FIRST step. And it’s ONLY the first step. 

With that in mind here are…

10 ways to make your website work harder for you

1. Keep it simple – across the board, for home pages, landing pages or inside pages, simplicity is the #1 key factor determining the performance of any web page

2. Focus on 1 topic per page – while it is not always possible to narrow your focus to just one product or service per page, make this your objective, because it rivets your visitor’s attention and increases your rankings at the same time. Resist the urge to add additional elements to a page which divert from your central message

3. Use a 1-column format – the more columns the greater the chance site visitors will get distracted. When you do not give them choices that compete for their attention you simplify the experience…so guide your visitors to where you want them to go…and increase conversions

4. Single out the key benefit that will get prospects to Yes! – determine what differentiates your product or service from the competition and hammer that unique differentiator

5. Write copy so that it makes sense to your visitors – that is job #1. Do not write primarily for search engines, or your copy will seem stilted and unnatural and drive visitors away. Use keyphrases where they make sense throughout the copy

6. Do not worry about where the copy is placed on the page – keep it in logical order for the reader. The spiders will find your copy whether it is in the headline, below the fold, or wherever it appears on the page

7. Craft a single, simple message – with as little extraneous information as possible. Your selling argument should be built in a linear fashion to reach your ultimate objective – the action you want the visitor to take

8. Avoid using too many graphics – anything beyond one or two images can distract the reader’s attention from the sales message and call to action

9. Simplify your offer – testing has demonstrated that offering multiple choices lowers conversion because it leads to uncertainty and inaction. Whether you are selling a product or service, offer one purchase option. Test into your best offer and stick with it

10. Consider a copy checkup – subtle changes can lead to noticeable improvements. Rewrites can bump up conversions 35%-40% or more!

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