12 Internet Marketing Myths… Busted

When it comes to internet marketing everyone has an opinion.

And rarely are they helpful for YOUR particular business. In fact, most internet marketers are only interested in promoting “how to get rich quick online” type products to other would-be internet marketers.

It’s sad… but true.

So be very careful whose advice you’re following when it comes to marketing your business online, because there is a real difference between those who USE internet marketing to promote a REAL business, and those who are simply copying what other people are doing in the “get rich quick” market.

12 Internet Marketing Myths… Busted

That said, here are 12 internet marketing myths we’ll bust that Amy Africa, outspoken and renowned Internet guru, reveals in a nutshell

1. A good shopping cart abandonment rate is 10% or less

Not so!

The rate should be about 60%.

The same applies to lead forms (52%) and subscriptions (67%). If you are not seeing this volume, you are not getting enough people to put stuff in the basket

So, have a buy now or inquiry button on every screen, plus pop-ups on entry and leaving. Live chat prevents abandonment

2. Email is free so mail everyone everything, every time

It’s all about deliverability, so mail in small batches for better delivery. And mail your best groups separately

3. People know how to find stuff online

Navigation is key and accounts for 40-60% of a site’s success

4. Text search is a good thing

Not true. You lose 66% to unsuccessful text searches and these folks don’t come back

5. Your home page is the most important page on your site

Actually, less than 15% of visitors should enter via your home page.

Your entry pages determine your success, and you should have 10-12 entry pages people come in on for all major categories, product lines and products. Users should spend 30-50 seconds on the first page and an average of 5 minutes on a B2B site, 7 minutes on a B2C site

6. Your site should change weekly

Change your site based on traffic patterns not just for the sake of change. 40% – 60% of your traffic should be repeat visitors

7. Aesthetics matter the most

Actually, they matter the least. It’s all about functionality. Lots of yellow is not desirable online. Red buttons produce more inquiries and sales

8. Who needs organic search when there is pay-per-click

Organic is converting 6-12 times better than pay-per-click.

9. Web 2.0 is a killer application

Not true – because you can not monetize it

10. You need the latest technology to market on the web

Not necessarily! It is all about mastering the basics

11. Offline is the main driver of online success

No! Offline businesses should have their own sites because offline shoppers behave differently

12. Statistical packages are 90% accurate

Far from it. Most are only 50-55% accurate, so look at trend data rather than stats

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