3 direct mail marketing tips to live by

When it comes to creating a successful direct mail marketing campaign, how can you know the hard work, effort — and most importantly money — will be worth it?

For starters, success depends upon using a proven formula.

Sounds boring, right?

In reality, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

You simply need to apply the tips listed below to your particular situation — and if you do there’s no doubt that your next direct mail marketing will succeed…

Three essential direct mail marketing tips

1. Role of each component in DM package

Envelope – get itself opened – so don’t reveal your offer on the envelope. Consumers sort mail over the trash. Tickle their curiosity or promise a benefit. A strong outer envelope (OE) helps you avoid the round file

Order Form – perhaps the most important piece – restate key benefits and make it crystal clear how to order

Brochures – brochures tell, letters sell so explain the ins and outs of your product or service here

Letter – key component, next to the order form. Make it an emotional sell

Lift note – motivate the prospect from another point of view, a different signer

2. Response Basics

Help consumers instantly understand the benefits you are promoting.

Make an irresistible offer your prospect can not refuse. Make your offer loud and clear: free, urgent, limited time offer, just for you.

Or sneak into the bill pile with a bill-like OE (voucher) or blind OE with no logo or teaser copy

3. Follow the Aida formula

Grab attention – use a headline or subhead to attract your target market

Arouse interest – tell the prospect how your product or service will improve his life. State the main benefit up front, loud and clear. Reinforce with testimonials. Answer their “inner” WIFFM (what’s in it for me)…

Stimulate desire – entice the prospect to want something she may not have thought about before by triggering her emotions, e.g. exclusivity. Create an irresistible offer incorporating fear of loss – limited time, bonus for immediate order e.g. fast 50, special price – give her a reason to buy now.

Add an ironclad no-risk guarantee

Motivate the prospect to action, because desire without action = no sale. Ask for the sale. Tell the reader exactly what you want him to do and make it easy to buy NOW.

This formula works because it smoothly and seamlessly moves the prospect to ordering.

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