3 effective unique selling proposition examples

What do Dominos Pizza, Subway and Federal Express have in common?

Memorable unique selling propositions.

So how do you create a USP for your business?

That’s a great question, and one that I am often asked from potential and new clients alike. When it comes to marketing your business in general, and creating a powerful and USP it comes down to thinking like your customers (or clients).

Let me explain…

How do you create a USP?

Some experts recommend asking your clients…but that may not lead to any insights. Instead, think about what you want to achieve for your customers or clients.

Ask yourself, what’s my dream for my customers?

Here’s an example…

Flash back to the 1970’s when pizza delivery took FOREVER. Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza envisioned his customers enjoying a fresh, piping hot pizza in 30 minutes. There was nothing unique about Domino’s Pizza, so Tom created a point of difference. Made sure he could deliver on this promise.

Then he came up with Domino’s memorable slogan: Domino’s Pizza – 30 Minutes or It’s Free!

You can create a unique selling proposition for your business as well. Think about what you can promise your customers… invent something you can do differently… and make it happen.

But first, survey the competition.

Make sure they’re not making the same promise and announcing it to the world. If you can establish that they are not making the same promise, nor announcing it to the world, then go ahead and announce your new USP to your customers.

As long as you’re the first one to announce it, you own it!

Then, don’t keep it a secret! Broadcast your uniqueness at every opportunity – on your web site, in all your marketing materials such as your direct mail, email marketing messages, radio spots and every time you touch your customers.

Examples of Unique Selling Propositions to get you started:

  • Subway – Subs with under 6 grams of fat.
  • b) Federal Express – When it Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight®
  • c) Domino’s Pizza – 30 Minutes or it’s FREE!

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