3 reasons why custom publishing works

With the cost of acquiring new customers many times the cost of retaining existing customers, marketers have always looked for ways to bring customers along the trust continuum and increase customer loyalty.

In today’s economic climate, they are turning to custom publishing as one of the most effective and proven methods to do just that.

In a recent study, 75% of consumers stated they prefer getting information via custom publishing rather than advertising. One caveat is that the message must be integrated – branded magazines can not stand alone. (DM News, April 6, 2009).

Three reasons why it works

With that in mind, here are three reasons why custom publishing works so well…


Engaging customers today means communicating on a personal level where and when they want, and using the media they prefer.

This can mean custom web sites, social networking sites, newsletters, widgets, mobile applications and branded magazines.

By delivering custom content multiple ways, marketers can engage customers with their brand and interact with them using traditional and digital formats, whether it’s an online community, glossy magazine or microsite.


Using advanced direct marketing techniques such as modeling and segmentation, different parts of the database can receive different messages, and sometimes different media.

Although these techniques can be time consuming, the investment is worthwhile because the resulting marketing programs are more efficient and effective.


Utilizing sophisticated measuring techniques, marketers have determined that custom publishing delivers positive ROI.

For example, 80% of Lexus owners feel more valued as a result of receiving the quarterly magazine Lexus. Fifteen percent actually report having bought an automobile as a result of reading that publication.

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