7 tips for killer unique selling propositions

In today’s hyper-connected era, you want a repeatable micro-script that supports your dominant selling idea.

Typically, the phrase used to describe your dominant selling idea is your unique selling proposition.

You can think of it as a 30 second “commercial” that best describes your business, what you do for customers or clients, and how you are different from other companies.

Challenging, right?

So how do you come up with a killer USP?

Here are seven tips you can follow that will help you create a killer USP.

1. Incorporate all 5 components of a dominant selling idea

  1. Best at – your claim to fame
  2. Important – something people want
  3. Believable – give them a reason why
  4. Measurable – obvious in your performance
  5. Own-able – not taken by anyone

2. A complete idea

An idea around which customers can focus that’s designed to change someone’s mind – think of it as a persuasion tool

3. Simple, quick phrase

Contains a single, consistent idea that’s memorable and sets you apart from others

4. Differentiates you from the competition

Choose your most important selling idea – 1 superlative attribute you are best at that’s of highest import to your audience where you can claim the #1 slot. Focus on the one single thing you offer that no one else can that captures the heart of your brand.

5. Narrowly focused

Specific is terrific. Don’t spray and pray!

6. Energizes staff and customers

Presents a problem and solution or an implied solution

7. Passes the “telephone” test

Your message should be something people enjoy repeating that does not change as it is communicated from person to person, like in the old party game telephone.

Finally, it can be a tag line

For example…

  • It’s made from sugar so it tastes like sugar
  • The other white meat
  • The quicker picker-upper
  • No child left behind
  • Don’t leave home without it

Bill Schley of david ID presented these concepts at a Fairchester Business Resource meeting based on his book: The Micro-Script Rules: How ideas break through in the hyper connected world.

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