9 direct marketing tips that work

The good thing about direct marketing is that it has been studied to death ― which means there are proven tactics that are known to work.

Of course, every industry is a little different.

Every product or service is a little different.

That is why we encourage you to incorporate these proven tips and tactics into your next direct mail promotion and keep testing to try to boost your response.

9 tips that work…

Fire your biggest guns first with a great lead (the lead is the copy on the top of the page, which is critical to entice your reader to get into your promotion)

► Tease and tantalize the reader, hitting his hot buttons on issues that keep him up at night (make it an emotional sell. Motivate your prospect using fear, greed, exclusivity or guilt)

Use bullets, dashes, numbers and underlines to break up the copy and make key points pop, since few readers read every word

► Use 6-7 lines per paragraph and lots of white space because a sea of words will turn off your reader

► Try handwritten messages in the margins, Johnson box (a box at the top of the promotion with copy that summarizes the offer and key benefits) and callouts. These also break up the copy and focus attention on the main benefits

► Underline (or bold) the main points so readers get the gist at a glance from the lead, underlines and P.S. because most won’t read the whole letter

Testimonials and guarantees work – they add credibility

► Use the P.S. to restate the offer, repeat the guarantee or reply-by date

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