9 Effective email marketing best practices tips

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Despite rumors to the contrary email marketing is not dead. In fact, it’s quite the opposite… as long as you have an email marketing strategy in place. And follow some “best practice” tips.

So why all the talk about the “failure” of email marketing?

It’s simple…

Email marketing done right

The fact is, most companies are sloppy when it comes to email marketing.

Just because it’s easy to “reach” a population doesn’t mean that you don’t need a well thought out and executed strategy to pull it off successfully.

That’s what we mean by “best practices” — i.e. tips and techniques used by companies that are successful in generating revenue from the simple act of sending out an email.

Here are some tips you can use that come out of the publishing world:


  • Use bulleted lists. Bullets attract the reader’s attention and are a good way to highlight key benefits
  • Use sales copy/benefits as alt tags
  • Follow direct marketing rules. These rules are transferable to the world of online marketing. Your email message is like a letter with the subject line likened to an envelope. Its job is to motivate your prospects to open the email. The upper portion of the email is key real estate, so come up with a headline to hook your prospect and keep her reading your promotion.
  • Intersperse links to Order Now throughout the promotion. Three links in a short email promotion is about right. Name several benefits and ask for the order. Describe a few more benefits and ask for the order again. Continue this throughout your promotion.
  • Highlight your satisfaction guarantee and tell readers that transactions are secure. This will underline your credibility and build confidence


  • Include links that take your reader away from the offer page
  • Use columns. Simpler is better
  • Avoid using free because you are worried about spam checkers. You can use free up to 3 times – Free works!
  • Use too many images

Denise Elliott of The Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc. gave us her top Do’s and Don’ts at the MeritDirect Co-op. Note: Your results may vary, so test these ideas with your audience. 95% of Kiplinger’s readers are 50+

The point is, don’t give up on email marketing.

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