Business to consumer marketing success in just 3 steps

What are the keys for a successful B2C marketing campaign?

Well, there are three of them that need to work together in order for you to get the results you want (need?) — improved leads and/or sales.

The common thread that runs through each of the points listed below is to know your customer and communicate with them frequently and effectively.

Makes sense, right?

And yet, time and again I speak with business owners who have no earthly idea what makes their customers tick…

1. Use market knowledge to boost business to consumer marketing results

Today, information abounds on your prospects and customers that will help you become familiar with:

  1. who they are
  2. what they like and prefer
  3. their hopes and dreams

When you approach your prospects and customers with this knowledge in mind, your promotion has a better chance of resonating.

This is about having the right data to make accurate assumptions about your audience, address them in ways that feel comfortable and create promotions with offers they will find irresistible.

2. Segment your market

The days one size fits all marketing are long gone.

You will want to create different versions of your promotion with different offers to appeal to different segments of your audience.

This will give your prospects and customers the feeling you are speaking to them personally because you are addressing their biggest desires or concerns.

3. Stay in front of your audience

Most people don’t respond to a promotion the first time they see it.

Perhaps your promotion hit too early in the buying cycle. Perhaps your prospect does not need or want what you are selling right now, but may be persuadable in the future.

Most people need to see something a few times for it to register.

So stay in front of your audience at a frequency that is comfortable for them. How do you know what that frequency is? You can experiment with different frequencies and monitor response. Or you can survey your audience and send out promotions in accordance with individual preferences.

Once you treat your prospects and customers as individuals and take their specific likes and dislikes into account your marketing success will skyrocket.

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