Direct mail marketing tips for 2012―and beyond

Since direct mail has been around practically since Adam bit the apple, many direct mail marketing tips you may have seen had origins in the heyday of direct marketing.

These tips may no longer be valid or as valid as in the past.

Just like fashions come and go in the clothing industry, so, too, direct mail morphs and changes with the times.

Here are my key direct mail marketing tips that are relevant for today:

Mail, mail mail

The mailbox is looking a little bare these days.

Your competitors have abandoned mail in favor of email, which means this is the perfect time for you to get back in the mail. Your promotion will get much more attention, with a better chance of a mega-response.

Make your piece sophisticated

Today’s consumers have iPhones, Kindles and iPads so your promotion must be in step with this level of sophistication.

That means your two-color piece may not fly.

Instead, give your promotion a color palette and design that say today.

Make your piece interactive

If consumers get involved with your piece, you have a better chance of getting them to take the action you desire, whether it’s click, call, sign up, subscribe or buy.

When you pair involvement devices like scratch-offs and stickers…games and giveaways…pull strips and QR codes with highly original concepts and lively copy emphasizing key customer benefits, you’ve got a sure winner.

Use more than one communication channel

It’s a fact. More channels = better response.

When you combine print, email and web landing pages over print only campaigns, you can lift response up to 35%, according to Multi-Channel Communications & Benchmarking, InfoTrends, 2008. So, send an email before, after, or before and after your direct mail piece.

Use a QR code or Purl to send recipients to a landing page for more information, a survey or contest.

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