Five tips to get your copywriting blog read

As you know, anyone can create a blog on any subject.

With the Internet overrun with blog posts, the likelihood of your copywriting blog garnering attention is minimal―unless you follow a few guidelines.

In fact, here are five ways to stand out from the crowd…

Five blog marketing tips

1. Include unique content

Don’t say the same things everyone else is saying.

Add a unique spin.

Mention results only you know about. Reveal something new that others don’t know. Let readers in on a secret. This is one clear way to stand out.

2. Use your copywriting blog as a platform to be controversial

Ever listen to talk radio?

The host typically makes controversial statements to get a rise out of listeners and motivate them to call in. The same tactics work in blogging. Take a position and defend it ―and get your readers weighing in for and against.

3. Present news

Everyone wants to be in on the latest.

If you have breaking news on a promotion that generated huge response or even one that flopped, create a blog post about it. This is the kind of news people like to read about.

4. Give your opinion

Blogs can be used for editorial comment as well as news-worthy information.

Perhaps you are tired of “copywriting by committee” and the way writing can get watered down when it goes through many hands. Why not write a blog post about that―or any copywriting topic where you have strong feelings?

If you are passionate about a topic, let the sparks fly. You will ignite the interest of your readers with your fervor.

5. Mention business brags

Win any new accounts?

What about awards you recently won?

Get any new controls (top performing direct mail promotions)?

Take the opportunity to crow a bit if you have accomplished something special. Readers like to hear about what went right, so do not be shy about enumerating your successes.

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