Getting maximum mileage from b2c email marketing

Is email marketing dead?

Well, chances are if you are not using it properly the answer is “yes” — for you.

For  example, Kristen Barletta, Email marketing director of Marriott International told DM News recently that “email is still the most cost-effective direct marketing medium.”

Provided, of course, that you know what you’re doing.

Yet many marketers are not doing b2c email marketing right.

Here is how most marketers are missing the mark:

  • Not optimizing for mobile devices
  • Not segmenting your audience
  • Not using personalization
  • Not targeting
  • Not leveraging dynamic content
  • Not doing A/B splits

Even though some of these tactics like targeting and personalization have been around for a decade, it is surprising how many email marketers fail to use them.

“If you aren’t doing that you’re completely missing the boat,” Heather Blank, VP of strategic services at Responsys told DM News.

Doing A/B split testing is a key area where marketers can improve, lifting overall response rates significantly, according to Ari Osur, principal analyst at Forrester.

Two other issues confront marketers.

Data overload, from website analytics, point-of-sale, data, social data and more. Marketers have difficulty determining which data to pay attention to and how to integrate it into their marketing. Branding is another issue, especially in siloed organizations where customer communications are not integrated across channels and touch points.

As for copy, marketers can take keywords that perform well in other arenas and test them in subject lines and calls to action to optimize copy.

Marketers can also add content to b2c email marketing messages rather than just asking for the sale.

Automated campaigns are another area where marketers can maximize email ROI. These triggered campaigns can include a welcome series, abandoned cart series or other triggered events.

Marketers can use these campaigns to discover preferences, make special offers and more.

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