How is internet copywriting different from print?

How is internet copywriting different from print?

After all, they share obvious similarities when it comes to marketing, i.e. communicating your core message to a target audience (potential customers) to motivate them to become customers or clients.

So that much is the same.

Yet, when it comes to writing effectively for the web you need to be aware of two essential differences.

They are:

  1. medium
  2. mind-set

What do I mean?

Internet copywriting tips

For starters, writing for the web means keeping in mind that a bored reader is one “back button” click away from leaving for good. Secondly, the mind set of someone finding you online is different from someone engaging a direct mail piece.

This this in mind here are three key points to keep in mind when writing for the web…

Start with keywords

Before beginning an Internet copywriting assignment it is important to know which keyword you will be focusing on for the page at hand. Then, write primarily for your audience, viewing the search engines as a secondary audience.

You want the copy for your site to be lively and readable not stilted or repetitious.

If you focus primarily on the search engines, your copy may not make sense to readers and can end up being awkward or repetitious.

Keep it simple and concise

While rambling is not advisable in any format, Internet copywriting must be especially concise. Attention spans on the Internet are shorter than in print, so a concise style is critical.

Get to the point quickly using short sentences, short paragraphs. Simple is preferable.

Nothing convoluted or elaborate.

Callouts can help focus the reader on key points. Use language and vocabulary that can be easily read and understood by a fifth or sixth grader.

Write with an objective in mind

What do you want the readers of that page to do?

Think about your objective and write the copy with that in mind. Whether the action you desire is buy, register, subscribe, fill out a form, sign up for a newsletter, call or email, write the copy to motivate your prospect to take this action.

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