How to Write Catalog Copy that Sings

When it comes to writing copy for a catalog, or any copy that sells for that matter, getting it right is part art, part science.

In other words, the words on the page (of for websites on the screen) have to motivate your reader — i.e. potential customer — to take an ACTION, whether it’s to call you directly or place an order through the web or mail.

So how do you motivate your reader?

It comes down to knowing what they want AND communicating that value to them.

Here are 6 tips you can follow to write catalog copy that sells…

Six Catalog Copy Tips that Work

Part art, part science

Writing catalog copy is part art, part science.

The art is the story you will weave around each product so it sounds like a must-have. The science aspect is all the details you want to convey about the product within whatever word count your catalog allows.

Customers are buying sight unseen

As you write catalog copy, keep in mind that your words (and the requisite picture) are all the customer has to go on.

They can not touch, feel, sniff, taste or look at the real item ― only your description. So do a bang-up job of creating a visual picture of each item in your catalog.

Make them want it

Your challenge is to create desire.

You might do this by describing how the item looks feels, or tastes, its versatility or what problem it solves. Whatever the item, practical, article of clothing, home, office or industrial, convey the quality of materials or ingredients, the workmanship and whatever makes it unique or special.

Add mystique

If space allows, give the history of the item.

Was it found in a remote village of Guatemala? Sourced along the spice route where east meets west? Play up any exotic elements, if appropriate.

Is it only available from you?

Are you the sole source of this cashmere sweater? Hand-made baby booties? Blown glass bowl?

Accentuate whatever is one-of-a-kind, unavailable from any other source, pressing the exclusivity button.

Emphasize customer friendly policies

If you offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee emphasize that, perhaps on every page.

If you offer free shipping and free return shipping, emphasize that, too. Make ordering simple and returns simpler. Anything you can say to increase customer confidence will increase sales.

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