Postcard marketing ideas you can take to the bank


The lowly postcard can pack a lot of punch and deliver big results from a small marketing budget.

That is why these postcard marketing ideas deserve extra consideration.

Even though there is not a lot of real estate on a post card, you can make up for that by sending recipients to a landing page or personal URL and voila―you have an interactive promotion using multiple media channels with lots of room to enumerate product benefits and motivate people to take action.

Here’s how it works…

Make it personal, spur to action

Another plus, if you are using personal URLs, is that you will be personalizing the promotion, which has a good chance of netting you better response.

Most people can not resist checking out a URL that includes their name.

And if you provide an incentive for recipients to go online (such as a contest or giveaway), the odds are even better they will take a look.

Another idea is to send out postcards in sequence.

I once created a promotion for a complex product that involved nine different postcards―and it was a resounding success on a pint-size budget.

Speaking of sequence, postcards can be used in combination with a direct mail package―before, after, and before and after. The before postcard can say, “Be on the lookout,” serving to heighten curiosity about what is coming. The chaser postcard can reprise benefits and underline an upcoming deadline to give recipients a push to respond.

Over-sized postcards also stand out in the mailbox and get noticed.

Many jumbo postcards have as much room to showcase your product or service as a small billboard. Political candidates and dentists are two groups that favor oversized postcards, but they could actually be quite effective for many other niches.

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