Squeezing the most from your ad copywriter

You have hired an ad copywriter to create a winning ad that will generate leads and sales.

And take your business from zero to 60 in no time flat.

So that means you can cool your heels and go out to lunch, right?


Gather up every promotion since 1954

For your copywriter to do a bang-up job, you will need to gather materials including every ad, brochure and promotion you have ever created. Then mark up these materials as to how well they performed in the marketplace.

Even if they were all dogs, give these to your ad copywriter anyway so he will not repeat the same mistakes.

Clue your ad copywriter in to your audience characteristics

Tell your copywriting everything you know about your prospects and customers.

This includes their age, gender, reason for buying your product or service.

Even reason for NOT buying.

What cars they drive. Where they live. Let your copywriter interview you or someone you designate. The more she knows about the desires and motivations of your current customers the better job she will do attracting more people just like them.

Define your goal

Are you looking for leads or sales?

Either way, make sure your copywriter crafts an irresistible offer and makes it easy for prospects to say “Yes!”

Spell out the benefits

Convey the unique advantages of your product or service versus the competition so your copywriter can create an effective ad.

What about marketing strategy and branding?

Make sure your copywriter is tuned into your branding, positioning, style, tone and image so the new effort reflects your company’s overall marketing strategy.

If you are unclear, an experienced copywriter can suggest ways to develop your marketing message and value proposition.

Increase brand awareness.

And get better results from every dollar spent on advertising and promotion.

Define success

Have your copywriter include a call to action motivating prospects to reply by phone, Fax, business reply mail, Personal URL, landing page, texting, QR code or multiple methods.

Set the bar for success as:

  • a certain number of visits to a website
  • emailed or mailed responses
  • attendance at a class or event
  • sales or donations over a particular threshold

Or beating a control (top-performing direct mail promotion).

In other words, something ACTIONABLE that can be measured and tracked.

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