Use call to action phrases to spur prospects to action

A survey from advertising firm Endai Worldwide revealed that unsolicited emails can be incredibly effective in motivating people to buy!

Yes… you read that correctly.

In a 12 month period, 50% of the 7,500 men and women surveyed had made a purchase as a result of a marketing email―some actually from an email they fished out of their spam folder.

Are your email promos so compelling that your prospects will see them glittering amidst the surrounding spam?

How to drive better response

Here is what attracted the survey respondents:

  • a good offer or deal
  • something they are specifically interested in
  • a recognizable company or brand name
  • an intriguing subject line

For an email to be effective it must include a call to action.

Sometimes it’s appropriate to have two or three calls to action within one email promotion. A call to action alerts the prospect to what you want him to do, such as click here, subscribe now, buy today. Give your prospects several reasons to buy and pause with a call to action. Then reveal more benefits with another call to action.

We used this technique in an email promotion which pulled 4x the number of hits in a split test.

Our unique selling ideas, compelling copy and visuals stand out in the marketplace and persuade your target audience… so you get more responses.

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