When it comes to email, copy is still king

Does copy matter?

With the rise of social media many online marketing campaigns have become… well… sloppy.

The mantra seems to be “get it out there.”

But what is your core marketing message? And how are you communicating this CONSISTENTLY to new and existing customers?

And yet, MarketingSherpa conducted a landmark study – the largest ever survey of its kind – polling 3,637 email marketers and employees at agencies around the world. They asked, “Which creative email tests give the best ROI (return on investment)?”

They uncovered some VERY interesting findings.

Email marketing copy matters

Among their favorite result – and mine – “copy really, really matters. The top three best ROI tests were more to do with words (copy, offer, subject line) than with design or graphics.”

The study also showed that “testing in and of itself increases ROI. In every case, more than 50% of marketers improved ROI (even if only moderately) by testing.”

This proves the old direct marketing axiom test, test, test.

“But my audience is too small for an accurate test…”

I hear this all the time.

It is true that 5,000 is considered the smallest sample size you can use for statistically significant results. If you are a small mailer (whether email or land mail) that does not mean you should throw in the towel and not test.

It means you should test anyway knowing the results are not as sound as if you did have the 5,000 sample size. Test one variable at a time. Test copy, landing pages, subject lines, offers.

Test calls to action.

Once you get a result, run the test again… and again to make sure the results hold up. Then you know you have a sure winner. Don’t rest on your laurels, though.

Test another variable.

It’s the proven, surefire way to improve your results.

Case closed…

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