Where’s the sizzle in direct mail marketing services?

Direct mail marketing services have been around practically forever.

With so many newer, sexier ways to market to your audience including email and social media, it should come as no surprise that in the minds of marketers, direct mail has become ho-hum.

Just because the medium has been around since time immemorial does not mean that it has lost its sheen.

Far from it…

Focus on your marketing ROI

Today, despite the price tag, direct mail done right can deliver a higher ROI than other channels AND can pack more punch than the more intangible electronic media.

The key?

Engage the right direct mail marketing services.

It all begins with engaging the right group―a creative agency with the courage to think outside of the box and deliver concepts that will wow you, and MOST IMPORTANTLY your audience.

Here are a small sample of truly unique direct mail tactics and promotions that sizzle:

Cargo card

a highly personalized, interactive dimensional mailer with a window that can hold a promotional item or game.

We showcased this new format by sending a baseball-themed mailer to marketers, used the cargo area to include a pinball-style baseball game and incented them to answer a brief survey with a gift card promotion.


a personalized postcard that included a punch-out 3D game and a QR code for more information.

FlipPix is a paper promotion that reveals different marketing messages when you play with it and fold it different ways. It is interactive and involving. When you add a QR code it become integrated as will hitting what I call the 3 I’s of direct marketing.


a software program that enables you to follow your direct mail piece through the post office and sends out an alert as to exactly when it will be delivered so you can email or text to the recipient, “Look in your mailbox today.”

I think that is pretty hot, don’t you?

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