11 Cheap Marketing Ideas for a Challenging Economy

When you test new ideas, you should always test ways to accomplish the same results at less cost.

Here are 7 ideas all direct marketers should consider:

  • Change return envelope paper from 24lb to 22lb stock.
  • Reduce colors on components from 4-color to 2-color.
  • Switch to offset letters vs. personalized, lasered letters.
  • Use smaller inserts.
  • Cut back on printed newsletters: reduce from 4 to 2 per year and/or offer them online.
  • Order control packages for 6 months of mailings.
  • Follow major direct mail with inexpensive mailings – Postcards, buckslips or emails 2-3 weeks after initial mailing to boost response.

Remember, prospecting is an investment that will pay off 3-5 years down the line, it’s not an income producer. So keep prospecting.

Eliminating just one acquisition mailing will have a huge negative impact on net revenue.

4 strategies specific to non-profits:

  • Talk about your budget crisis, the need, and what might happen if you fall short. One charity got a 7% response and a $57 average gift from a campaign to mid-level donors using this strategy.
  • Recognize mid-level donors with a mid-level donor club, typically for donors giving $100 to $999, and create special appeals aimed at this group.
  • Give the club a distinctive name and branding that is meaningful to donors and ties into the non-profit’s mission.
  • Name the giving levels, making donors feel appreciated at each level while encouraging them to aspire to the next level.

Lynn Edmonds, L.W. Robbins Associates presented these ideas to Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association (DMFA).

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