8 Fundraising Marketing Tips any Business Can Use

Are you searching for fundraising marketing tips?

If you are marketing a product, idea or organization, here are eight (8) tips that you can use when it comes to your next fundraising campaign.

In fact, Jerry F. Smith — President and CEO of the JF Smith Group — presented these ideas based on what he learned in 10,000 days of fund-raising.

And this wisdom certainly applies to you:

  • There’s money out there.
  • Touch your donors (or audience) 5 times a year.
  • The word “need “is out.
  • 2% of the giving by individuals is online.
  • Make sure to include a handwritten P.S. In your letter. It’s the first thing people read.
  •  Continue to acquire new donors (customers).
  •  Giving by individuals accounts for ¾ of contributions versus ¼ from corporations, foundations and charitable bequests combined.
  • The number one reason people give is because they believe in the mission of an organization.

The number of people worldwide with $1+ million in assets passed 10 million for the first time.

When you communicate with your donors make sure to use different methods to reach them, including calls, letters, hand-written notes and cards.

I was told by a mentor decades ago that need or needs as a noun is an empty word – this applies across the board. People give or respond to opportunities not needs. Opportunities signify that a donor can make great things happen with their gift.

Talk to your prospective donors about investing in the future of your organization.

The average gift online was $116 in 2007 according to Giving USA. Online giving will grow and you must be prepared and ready for this growth.

Tell your donors (customers) thank you, and that they are appreciated.

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