An Effective Non-Profit Marketing Strategy in Today’s Economy

Surprisingly, most major donors still have money to give, despite recent economic conditions.

So keep communicating with your donors and asking for donations.

Continue your marketing efforts and tweak your message to reflect the current reality.

Additionally, you’ll want to adjust your marketing messages to address three critical factors: common reasons donors stop contributing, key marketing trends and matching your language for each demographic.

Three reasons why donors back off:

  1. No longer feel connected
  2. Support other causes
  3. Feel solicited too often

Key Trends:

  • 40% of seniors are online, doing product research and email – this is the fastest growing group online
  • Younger and less wealthy people might be great prospects. Many of those earning 40k – 75k with a Bachelor’s degree want to do good. So plant seeds with these younger audiences and build relationships. Emaketing and postcards are the recommended vehicles to reach this group
  • Each of us receives 5,980 marketing messages daily, but we only notice 52 and pay attention to 4. Use multichannel marketing to increase the odds your message will get noticed

Speak to different generations differently…

  • 70+ – talk of legacy
  • Generation X – want lots of information
  • Boomers – want personal gratification and satisfaction
  • Silent generation – tradition, honor, sense of we

For planned giving, 3-column newsletters with a serif font using photographs of faces and lots of white space combined with post cards and email marketing gets results.

Bottom line: Trends in the non-profit world also apply to for-profit marketers. Combine mail and email using targeted offers to specific audiences with a call to action. Integrated marketing campaigns will net you the results you are looking for.

These remarks were presented by Claudine Donikian of Pentera to the AFP Fairfield County Chapter.

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