An Integrated Marketing Campaign That Will Wow Your Customers

Introducing a new service that ties your mail, eMail and text messaging together to instantly create an integrated marketing campaign.

Announcing eTriggerPro.

Now, you can track your direct mail through the postal system, nail down the exact in-home delivery date and trigger an automated eMail and/or text message to your customers to look in their mailbox “today” for your direct mail package.

This will wow your customers.

Result: you can increase your open rate and campaign response rates.

Use eTriggerPro for:
Renewal, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Campaigns—Send prospects to online personal URLs, mailboxes or phone lines at the optimal time to receive special offers and incentives.

Awareness—Messages are sent in “real-time,” so your campaign has greater impact due to
timeliness, increased frequency and more targeted communications.

Increased Response Rates and Sales—With the smart use of incentives and promotions, you can maximize traffic between mail and eMail to generate higher returns.

Tie-in your entire marketing team to achieve maximum results.
eTriggerPro can also trigger eMails and text messages to alert your sales staff and/or telemarketing team to follow-up with a customer that day. Or you can trigger a series of follow-up emails, text messages and/or marketing efforts timed perfectly to generate additional results after the initial contact.

Push response rates even higher…Use clever offers and incentives
With the creative use of offers, incentives and promotions, you can increase response rates even more by rewarding customers who seek out your mail, eMail and text messages.

For example, you can provide personalized codes in each customer’s mail, eMail and/or text messages instructing them to use one or more to qualify for additional savings, discounts, free bonus gifts or even entry into a sweepstakes. You now have customers looking for your marketing across media, truly integrating your campaign.

eTriggerPro is available by subscription or per campaign. Set up a test cell in your next mail campaign, and find out how high eTriggerPro can lift your response rates.

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