B2B Marketing Tactics Exposed…6 Secrets to Stand Out From the Crowd

Selling in the b2b world requires a different approach than selling directly to consumers. For one thing, b2b sales are considered sales.

You will not find too many impulse purchases here.

That is why b2b sales typically have a long sales cycle and can take 18 months ― or more.

Often, you must win over an entire committee, not just one consumer and perhaps their partner. These kinds of sales may be quite complex as well.

According to George Hague, formerly VP and Senior Marketing Strategist at J. Schmid & Associates, Inc. there are 6 secrets to differentiating your company from the competition.

6 Secrets to stand out from the crowd

► Quality control – deliver value based on product consistency

► Quality control – deliver value based on consistent service

► Packaging – deliver value from product convenience

► Taking responsibility – deliver value from convenient service

► Matching – deliver value from product customization

► Knowledge-based applications – deliver value from customized service. For example, personalized URLs deliver up to a 35% lift.

Bundle these, and you have a competitive advantage that can not be easily imitated.

Three magic questions to ask…

  1. What are we doing that you like?
  2. What are we doing that you do not like?
  3. What are we NOT doing now that you wish we were doing?

Once you determine how you can best differentiate your company from the competition, you can tout your competitive advantage in all of your sales presentations and promotional materials.

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