Four B2B Marketing Strategies That You Can Implement Today

When it comes to business to business marketing, the key phrase to remember is “education based marketing.”

In other words, focus your lead-gen efforts on getting prospects to respond to your offer for more information.

And if your niche/industry has a naturally long-sales cycles each interaction is an opportunity to build a relationship founded on expertise (as THE solution provider) and trust that can ultimately lead to a sale.

Does that make sense?

4 tips you can implement today

1. The #1 offer in b2b = information

2. Triggered Emails are working

3. Email prospecting is not working

4. According to Amy Africa, Internet Guru, red is the best color for a button. It inspires confidence. Top performing colors are orange, red and black. Use yellow sparingly.

Consider using case studies, articles, white papers, brochures, videos or books. Also, a 10 Tips document that solves customer problems, with a subtle mention of how your company can help works.

11 website marketing facts

► Most people stop reading after 1-2 lines of an email

► Click Here Now works better than Click Here

► Problem solution navigation is the best way to navigate

► 40% of your business should be repeat visitors

► Buy Now performs better than Add to Cart

► Only 30% of people scroll. Put all key information above the fold

► A user should stay 40 seconds on the entry page. Your bounce rate should be 5%

► Three column sites work best. Place your Signup Box on the left.

► 80% of orders occur within 12 minutes. The more they stay, the more they pay. Speed them through the checkout.

► For those who abandon carts, send 7 – 10 follow-up Emails and get 15% to convert within 5 days

► Short videos (less than 4 minutes) work

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