What is Content Marketing?

A trio of marketers emphasized the importance of developing valuable content that can be deployed across multiple media channels, building an online community, and listening rather than trying to sell.

Darryl Ohrt, founder of the marketing agency Plaid, renowned for Plaid Nation (a rolling demonstration of Social Media) as well as his blog Brand Flakes For Breakfast and his columns for Advertising Age’s Small Agency Diary told the story of how he drove across the country in a plaid van to promote his agency.

When he wandered across the border into Canada, he incurred a phone bill that ran into the thousands – just for using a lap top for a single day.

When Darryl turned to social media to express his outrage, Sprint was listening. Sprint ended up adjusting the bill… and went on to become a Plaid Nation sponsor.

Content Marketing Works

Valorie Luther, founder of Creative Concepts Consultants, reported online sales for Bigelow Tea were up 28 % thanks, in large part, to their blog Tea Talk. Luther incents prospects to go from Facebook to YouTube and Tea Talk to get the full Bigelow Tea experience.

Ken Crites, Director of Specialty Beverages, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, discussed how their multi-channel marketing efforts have increased direct sales by an amazing annual rate of 60%.

In recent years, sales have skyrocketed from 6 million to 100 million, thanks to a good business model which leans heavily on social media, as well as sweepstakes, paid search and house party promotions.

Green Mountain monitors tweets and replies with suggestions such as how to descale brewers. He reports consumers are amazed when their questions are actually answered by Green Mountain.

Crites is building a network of friends to incentivize consumers to purchase their trademark one-cup-at-a-time coffee brewing machines and poll their constituents on what the newest flavor choice should be.

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