Year End Ideas for Marketing Your Small Business

Year end can be a really good time to reach out to prospects.

In fact, your prospects might be more receptive than at other times of the year―if you employ the right strategy and press the right buttons.

Ideas all direct marketers can employ:

  • Say something new or add a short, compelling video to your Email blast
  • Change the channel. If key clients have been unresponsive to Email, switch to print. Or vice versa.
  • Include testimonials that sing your praises on social networking sites.
  • Repackage what you’ve done. You can resend a prior promotion by changing the subject line or sender/adding new teaser copy and lift note.
  • Make it timely. If cold weather bolsters your message, send your promotion just as temperatures are plummeting.
  • Give them an incentive – a small gift such as a magnet or bookmark.

Strategies specific to non-profits:

  • Speak from the heart
  • Make the IRS your friend, including the amount of time left to give a tax-deductible gift and how the donation will help your organization.
  • Get in touch with the top 10 donors who have not given this year with a personal note or lift note or call. This effort alone can bring in thousands.
  • Make web donations easy to use and find. Include high asks. Some non-profits even have the form for donating dominate their home page.

These ideas were presented to Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association (DMFA) by Amnesty International and SankyNet.

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