How to Develop a Killer Postcard Marketing System

Postcards are simple and effective, a proven way to get the phone ringing and fill your mailbox with leads and orders.

Why is that?

First, they are less expensive than traditional mailings.

Next, postcards stand out from other direct mail pieces because there is no envelope involved (one less barrier between your message and your prospect).

Finally, their size and cost allows you to test various messages more quickly and cost effectively.

Here are five postcard marketing ideas to get you started:

  • Test 4 different postcards with different images, different messaging against each other in one drop and see which one pulls the best on a small sample test cell of around 5,000
  • Tweak the one that performs best, perhaps trying different sizes to get the best ROI
  • Confirm the results in another mailing to a larger audience – if the results stand this is your new control
  • Take advantage of quantity discounts, print a six month supply of your control and roll out to your full list
  • Determine a frequency that hits your audience’s sweet spot and mail at that interval

Continue to test new postcard ideas with every mailing you send out, because you are always trying to boost response. Also, your control will eventually flag and you want something in the hopper that’s ready to go when that happens.

When your control flags, tee up the winner of your test mailing repeating the steps you used to develop your first control. If your new postcard beats your control you’re off to the races. If it doesn’t, it’s time to pull out the big guns and test other ideas.

For example, you can test postcards in series.

Sometimes staggering three postcards several weeks apart will shoot the roof off your results AND deliver a positive ROI. I’ve seen up to nine postcards sent in series.

You can also test emails before and after postcard mailings and test postcards before and after direct mail package drops. Always remember to change and test just one item at a time (so you know which change boosts response) and before long you’ll have a killer postcard marketing system in place.

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