How much should you manage your direct mail agency?

Direct mail agencies come in several flavors.

Printers/lettershops primarily print, fold, insert and apply postage. List rental agencies obtain a targeted list of prospects that fit your criteria. Modeling agencies help you lift response by sharpening your list selections.

But for the purpose of this article, we will focus on creative direct mail agencies.

Reign in creativity or cut them loose?

If you hired a direct mail agency to create a campaign for you, you may be wondering how much latitude to give creatives, especially if the relationship is just getting established.

The answer is… it depends.

  • How open are you to trying new formats?
  • Combining print and online marketing?
  • Entertaining out-of-the-box ideas?

I recently went to a meeting where a client said, “We really want something different. We are tired of the same old stuff over and over.”

This was music to my ears.

When a client is truly open to new approaches, they are very likely to get our best work.

We presented 8 concepts and the client liked so many they couldn’t decide which to start with. They finally chose one and will likely test several others as well.

Guidelines work, too

In another situation, a client had been mailing a flat (9” x 12” envelope) with many inserts which became very expensive under recent postal changes. They tasked us with creating a smaller brochure mailer that would convey all the same information as the big package — and get almost the same response — but would be far less costly to mail.

We were able to work within their very specific parameters and develop a self-mailer the client loved.

Tell them where you stand

Whether you are open to anything or have a well-defined idea of what you want, tell your direct mail agency where you’re coming from. That way, you will have the best shot at hitting pay dirt.

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