Take the Scare out of Direct Mail Marketing with Postcards

If you are new to direct mail postcards are a good place to start.

Why are they effective for your first mailing?

For starters, postcards are great because there is no envelope that must be opened – which means one less barrier standing between you and your prospect.

Yet even with postcards there are still many decisions in front of you beginning with the size.

Postcard size…

Postcards are available in a lot of different sizes with different price tags attached. Naturally, larger postcards will stand out more in the mailbox and will attract more attention. However, smaller postcards — particularly those with attractive artwork and the right messaging — can get the job done more cost-effectively.

The size you select should hinge on how much real estate you need to tell your story and motivate your prospect to take a desired action – call, click, visit a store, go to a landing page or personal URL. Small postcards can even feature a QR code that enables you to go into greater detail online, where space is not at a premium.

Postcards and your target audience…

Postcards are effective for both consumer mailings and b2b.

I’ve used them in both genres with great success and extremely positive ROI. If your prospect needs what you are selling a single postcard can generate a hit. Otherwise, sending out postcards of similar look and feel perhaps monthly or every other month can keep your name in front of your prospects for that time when they are ready to buy.

In addition, you can use postcards in combination with emails and before and/or after direct mail packages to boost results.

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