How to Create Integrated Marketing Campaigns that Soar

If you are trying to promote a product or service, why consider an integrated marketing campaign?

It requires more coordination since it relies on more than one media. Tends to be more costly and is typically a lot more work.

For starters, you will need a valid email address, land address and/or cell phone number for each recipient versus just one of the above.

That means the chances of error skyrocket.

However, so do the results.

All of this extra effort actually pays off in terms of response rates that knock the socks off campaigns that rely on one form of media alone.

The experts tout integrated marketing

In an InfoTrends 2008 study, print, email and web landing pages improved results 35% over print-only campaigns.

Combining print and email lifted response 28%, while utilizing print plus web landing pages increased results 19%.

Don’t let missing data get in your way

Want to send out an integrated marketing campaign to your house file but don’t have the data?

Here’s a work-around.

Think of an incentive that will entice your customers to provide their email addresses and/or mobile numbers such as a contest or giveaway, price reduction or desirable token of appreciation.

With the right incentive you will be on your way to getting the data you need.

When should you use integrated marketing?

Most campaigns can benefit from reaching prospects through more than one channel.

For example, when a client rented a booth at a trade show we drove traffic by…

  1. sending out themed postcards that took recipients to a personalized URL (PURL)
  2. used email reminders as a chaser
  3. placed print sell sheets in the tote attendees received on the day of the event
  4. gave out related promotional items at the booth
  5. and sent follow-up letters to qualified leads.

When it comes to trade show advertising and marketing there’s more to maximizing your investment than getting the best location for your booth.

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