How to write a blog post that grabs attention

Thinking about writing a blog post that promotes your business?

Why not?

It is a good way to put your company out there. Raise the profile of your business. And best of all – you can do this for FREE!

But to pull it off successfully requires skill. And strategy.

Here are 5 tips you can use starting today…

Do not jump right in

When you write a blog post, your image and branding are at stake.

So do not jump in with both feet until you have considered how you want to present your company to the world. What message you want to convey, and how you will convey it.

You might even want to survey your current customers or personally speak to a few of your top clients to find out what issues keep them up at night, and see if there is a consensus. If so, you would likely generate a lot of interest if you focused your blog on that area of interest.

Also, commit to blogging regularly  – weekly or twice monthly is a good frequency (or more if you’re up to it)…

Give your blog a name

The first consideration involves naming your blog.

You will want to choose a name that both promises a benefit and describes what your company does. That way, readers will be attracted to read and follow your blog. When they find you, they will not be disappointed.

For example, I named my blog Turbocharged Sell Copy because I give readers tips and tactics about how to create the kind of messaging that entices prospects to buy, buy, buy. The name Turbocharged Sell Copy gives readers a sense that my blog will help them find the right words to make their promotions more successful.

Line up your topics in advance

You do not need to decide in advance every subject you would like to cover in your blog.

But it is a good idea to have a few topics in mind for your first blog entries. That way, you will be sure the name of your blog and the issues you want to cover go well together.

Think of each blog post title as a headline

In addition to giving careful thought to what you will name your blog, it is just as important to think of a catchy title for each blog post.

If your blog post title is bland or boring, no one will want to read it.

So, spend some time thinking of a title that will grab attention. You know your audience, so it is a matter of walking in their shoes and envisioning what would be juicy enough to pique their interest.

Certain words such as new, secret and free, for example, are known as powerful words that will capture the interest of your readers.

If you are optimizing your site, it is a good idea to use keywords in your blog titles.

Do not get too wordy

When writing for the Internet, use small words, short sentences and paragraphs. Often, that means cutting out long introductions and getting right to the point.

Internet readers have short attention spans and will click away from your blog if they do not find what they are looking for right away.

I usually recommend you keep each blog post to 250 to 300 words maximum.

And make sure you proofread before you “submit.”

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