Five key ways a marketing consulting firm can boost sales

How can a marketing consulting firm help you?

Perhaps you have never worked with a creative agency and you are not sure what a marketing consulting firm can do for you.

Fair enough.

Here are five key ways a marketing consulting firm can put you ahead of the curve…

Five ways marketing consulting can boost revenues

1. Bring in new creative thinking

We can review previous marketing efforts to gain a historical perspective, taking a look at promotions you have sent out to date (stars and duds). Then, help you set a direction going forward by giving you several new concepts to consider (concept development)

2. Create a marketing plan

If you are unsure where you are headed, there is not much likelihood you will get where you want to go. We can help you formulate a plan that is doable and gets you to your goals.

3. Execute your current campaign

Maybe your requirements are more straightforward.

You are a university and want an attractive brochure that will grab the attention of prospective students. You produce a catalog and want to add additional promotional pages that highlight a special offer. You sell a high end subscription service to pet owners and want to create an email campaign to increase renewals.

These are just a few examples of creative assignments where a marketing consulting firm can jump right in.

4. Get into interactive marketing

Let’s say you do one thing well, for example print or email marketing, but you’ve noticed a drop-off in response. We can suggest ways to generate better results using print and digital media.

5. Become your in-house creative department

The right marketing consulting firm can take over where your in-house creative left off, often at a cost savings to you

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