Take a new tack with creative consulting services

You’ve been sailing along and your current promotional materials are working. Then, little by little, the results flag and you are not getting the ROI you expect.

What can you do?

This was exactly the scenario a new client presented recently.

The solution – concept development…

Creative consulting services open up new possibilities

In this case, the client requested something fresh and new –they did not want us to tweak what they had been doing before.

Following a brainstorming session, we developed eight new ideas and presented them to the client. At this stage, the client had only signed on for concepting.

We needed to show them our ideas so they would move forward to the execution stage.

Each idea is easy to visualize

Each concept is fleshed out with artwork for the main components, with heads and subheads. So you get a very clear sense of the look and feel of the final promotion.

You will receive a PDF of each concept in full color as well as an 11”x 17” color printout to help you visualize each idea and decide which concept you wish to execute first.

No two alike

These concepts are not variations on a theme.

Each one will be radically different from all of the others and radically different from what you are doing now. Expect us to knock your socks off!

We pulled out all the stops

In this situation, the client loved each of the ideas, which varied from postcards featuring a personalized URL for each recipient to a very official-looking express package.

They executed the express package first and are planning on testing other concepts as well.

Take the guesswork out of marketing

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