Do you know how to use QR codes in advertising?

No doubt you’ve noticed these strange looking black and white digital square-shaped designs that often have square boxes in three corners?

You might see others with logos, letters and images, etc. For the uninitiated, these funky designs are QR codes.

QR stands for Quick Response.

And they work great with smartphones including iphones, androids and other camera-enabled phones.

In fact, QR codes form a “bridge” between print and digital media, and many savvy marketers have hopped on the QR code bandwagon using them effectively when it comes to postcard marketing (for example).

So how can YOU use QR codes effectively?

One way is to use QR codes to tell your story.

For example, one a realtor’s QR code says, “Scan me for a peek inside property details, price and more.”

Tissot, maker of Swiss watches, uses a QR code as an easy way for people to enter a contest. Their QR code says “Scan to Win” with their logo in the center and Swiss watches since 1853 just beneath the QR code.

Advertisements on chair lift safety bars at ski resorts feature QR codes – after all, they’ve got a captive audience.

What’s more, they offer engagement.

Marketers like them because of the Q factor – quick!

Since all of us like everything instantly, QR codes fit the bill.

You can use QR codes on any of your printed materials from business cards to brochures, restaurant menus to catalog marketing.

QR codes are especially useful on small pieces like business cards and postcards when you want to provide additional information and add an interactive element.

And the best part?

Results can be analyzed and tracked to gauge customer feedback.

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