Ready for your complimentary marketing consultation?

If you have never had a marketing consultation you may not have a clear idea of what is involved.

Or, you may envision it is simply a sales pitch disguised as a free consultation.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, for most companies it helps to get an “outside second opinion.” In fact, sometimes getting a new perspective on things helps you gain clarity about your marketing objectives, initiatives, and core message.

For example, there are three reasons why it makes sense for your business…

1. Fact-finding expedition

Our complimentary marketing consultation is about you – not about us. We will spend about 20 minutes on the phone asking you about your business. What you have done thus far to promote your business

  • What has worked?
  • What has not worked?
  • And what you hope to accomplish going forward?

2. Find out if there is a fit

Let’s say you have been using direct mail to find new clients but response is down.

Let’s say you are planning to rent a trade show booth and want to drive traffic to that booth. Let’s say you are revamping your website…creating ads…press releases and articles…or need an interactive marketing campaign to promote a new product or service.

These are the kinds of scenarios that play into our strengths.

You will likely get a positive return on your investment and see the results you are expecting when we take this forward.

3. Better to know sooner

There are instances when we discover there is no meeting of the minds. For example, you may have a budget that does not cover what you intend to accomplish. Your timeline may not dovetail with our availability.

Or your project may be outside our expertise. In that case we can help you find the resources you require.

In any case, a marketing consultation is a quick, low key way to discover if we are on the same page.

No pressure.

No pitches.

No obligation.

Take the guesswork out of your next marketing campaign

Schedule your free 20 minute consultation about your #1 marketing challenge.

To get started today simply give us a call at 203 371-0654. 

Or if you prefer…

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When it comes to integrated marketing services we got you covered — from concept to completion. So why not give us a call, or click the link above today?

After all, it’s your business…