Save Big Bucks on Consumer Product Marketing

As you know, consumer product marketing involves a never-ending battle to stay top of mind with your target audience.

Whether your product is newly-minted or mature, you must continually promote its features and benefits to stay on your customers’ radar.

With so many media outlets today, many businesses are spending more on marketing while seeing results shrink. The more bases you need to cover, the greater the expense, right?

Not necessarily…

Two steps to boost your results (and create evergreen traffic)

Step 1: Trim your costs while boosting your results

Marketers often budget a significant amount of money for Google Adwords, figuring this is the cost of doing business.

What if I told you that you could slash your Adwords budget and get MORE and better leads?

It’s true!

Simply switch your strategy from Google Adwords (which only sends traffic as long as your paying) to a content marketing strategy, which can deliver evergreen traffic to your site LONG AFTER the content has been posted.

When you regularly write articles, product pages, downloadable sell sheets and product brochures you eventually:

  • pump up your site offerings.
  • bump up your organic search results
  • obtain more quality leads and sales at much lower costs

Step 2: Pick and choose from traditional and new media

Cherry pick from traditional media such as direct mail, trade show booths and print advertising.

Consider mixing in email campaigns, social media, online ads and press releases (which mainly go out electronically to media outlets and targeted bloggers).

By keeping careful records, continually monitoring your results and increasing marketing spend where you get the best payoff and eliminating lost causes, you can further trim your marketing budget while increasing the quality of your leads.

Take the guesswork out of marketing

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