The anatomy of a product sell sheet

Have you ever engaged a prospect or customer in a conversation about one of your products and they expressed an interest in finding out more?

Eureka! This is exactly the response you want.

However, this is also the juncture where many marketers go wrong.

Ever been to a restaurant where the waiter recites the daily specials?

We all have.

Chances are, two minutes after the waiter finishes the recitation, you have forgotten half of the mouth-watering dishes he touted…

Don’t leave anything to chance

The same goes for your conversation about your product, which is probably not half as enticing as what you could be having for dinner.

So it is even more probable your customer or prospect will NOT remember any details you described –even though he or she expressed an interest in the product.

The way around this is to create a product sell sheet for every item you offer.

Now, your customer need not rely on memory when two weeks from now, she sits down to make a firm decision.

Anatomy of a product sell sheet

Usually, a product sell sheet fully describes a single product. If you offer thousands of products you can bundle them into groups and put a cluster of products on each sell sheet.

A sell sheet is typically one side of an 8.5 x11 sheet of paper, held vertically.

Often, sell sheets are glossy, which is why they are also called slicks.

Typically, the product name and a picture of the product take up approximately one third or less of the sell sheet and the remainder is copy touting the features and benefits of the product, as well as specifications.

With complex products, front and back of the sell sheet can be utilized to tell the story. Sell sheets can be given out in face-to-face meetings, emailed as attachments or placed on your website as downloadable PDFs.

Why leave anything to chance when PromoWriting can create a sell sheet for each of your products, pronto, to move the sale forward?

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