Blog writing services help you stay out of trouble

Want to claim top of mind positioning with your target audience?

Blogging is a great way to do just that. Best of all, the medium is Free and effective!

What more could a business owner want?

Well, there are some potential landmines you could trigger if you are not careful…

The inconsistency factor

If you are like most marketers, you start off with good intentions (much like dieters) – and go great guns for a while – only to peter out when you get busy with other tasks or run out of ideas.

This can be lethal for your business, as your audience may think you no longer care about them, your company is in trouble or worse.

The off-key factor

A blog post must hit the mark.

It is crucial to know your audience, get in their shoes and address the issues that keep them up at night in a way they can relate to.

A common trap is to assume the wrong style or tone for your target audience.  A blog for moms must have a different approach and different lingo than one for bankers…boxers…or baristas.

Getting this right is not easy, yet critical to the success of your blog.

The embarrassment factor

Another potential powder keg with taking on the company blog is the very real possibility of saying the wrong thing. Or saying the right thing in the wrong way.

As you may have noticed, bad writing is growing like a disease, especially online.

Bad writing is…

  • boring
  • rambling
  • convoluted
  • cumbersome
  • weak and unconvincing
  • clichéd
  • simply plain vanilla
  • overly wordy
  • or a grammatical nightmare

Rather than set your company apart in a positive way, you could become the butt of negative publicity – losing face with those you are wooing. Any serious missteps in this arena will reflect poorly on your company and can damage your brand and your credibility.

Think of all the lost opportunities you could be missing as well.

Turn the mouse over to a blog writing services pro

Why tempt fate when you can avoid these pitfalls by retaining the services of a professional writer?

An experienced blog writer will become familiar with your company and target audience. Address them in a way that grabs their attention and speaks directly to them. Read, reread and proofread your blog post to make sure it is right. And keep your blog going long after you might have run out of steam.

Best of all, a writing pro will find the words that resonate with your audience and make your company look good. So you can win over prospects, editors and other stakeholders.

And boost leads and sales.

Take the guesswork out of blog marketing

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