Can a copywriting agency save your neck?

Ever wonder why you should put a copywriting agency to work for you?

You may be thinking, “Hey, I learned to write in grade school, got a B+ in English 101, and Larissa, down the hall, used to be a high school English teacher. So together, we can do a great job on the company website copy, ad campaign and sell sheets for the sales team, right?”

Well, no…

You mastered addition and subtraction in grade school as well, but does that qualify you to head up your accounting department?

Probably, you wouldn’t even consider it — after all, you want the best specialist for the job.

An investment in a copywriting agency can help you:

  • Build your brand
  • Make your company look good in print and online
  • Attract more prospects
  • Turn more prospects into customers
  • Pay for itself many times over (deliver great ROI)

Advantage #1 – overcome your inertia – instantly

If you are like most marketers, you have a lot on your plate.

Writing marketing communications can be time-consuming and daunting – which means you may never get to it. Or you may start and stop so many times you lose momentum and end up scraping all the work you put in.

Whereas a copywriting agency will complete your project by the deadline you assign. So it gets out into the marketplace and starts working for you.

Advantage #2 – make you look good

With all the bad writing you have doubtlessly seen on company websites, brochures and emails, what are the odds that you and Larissa can turn out clear, compelling, benefit-oriented copy?

Very likely, your copy would be:

  • boring
  • rambling
  • convoluted
  • directionless
  • run or off in too many directions.
  • overly hyped
  • self-important
  • r filled with buzzwords.

At best, if may turn out to be plain vanilla or say nothing (think of the term “full service” that EVERYONE uses to describe their business).

Copy like this can easily damage your brand or credibility.

Customers, prospects or prospective partners may actually decide to go elsewhere.

Whereas a copywriting agency will make you look good in the eyes of the world and your stakeholders.

Advantage #3 – bring in leads and sales

Despite your high marks in English 101, chances are you do not have the skills or toolkit a copywriting agency brings to the table.

When you tackle that copywriting assignment, can you:

  • get into the mind of your prospect and hit her hot buttons?
  • telegraph to that prospect that there’s something in it for him?
  • make your copy a “wow” by firing your biggest guns first and staying on target?

This is just a fraction of what you must accomplish in order to generate leads and sales.

So why go it alone when a copywriting agency can create copy that actually gets you the results you are looking for? Plus, maybe even save your neck…

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