Professional copywriting pays off again and again

Are you on the fence about whether to hire a professional copywriter for your website, print or online promotion or integrated marketing campaign?

You learned to write in elementary school, which leads you to believe that you can write a simple promotion, right?

It is not that simple.

You also learned to add and subtract in grade school. But does that mean that you are equipped to head up your accounting department? Not by a long shot.

Think of it this way…professional copywriting will cost you far less in the long run than the costly mistakes you could make if you go it alone.

What kind of mistakes?

Costly Mistake #1 – not getting started

Writing takes a great deal of time, demands quiet and concentration and often gets sidelined. So, while you intend to write that web page or promotion, you may never actually get around to it.

Think of all the opportunities you would miss.

Costly Mistake #2 – running out of steam

Even if you do get started, what are the odds you will finish not just the assignment at hand but all the required follow-up?

Perhaps you will complete one or two or three blog posts, enewsletters or press releases but will you stay with the project through thick and thin?

If you are like most business owners turned marketers, you start off strong (like many dieters) – put the peddle to the metal – but lose steam when you get busy with other projects or run out of ideas.

This can be lethal for your business, as your audience may imagine your company is in trouble, think you no longer care about them, or worse…

Costly Mistake #3 – damaging you credibility and your brand

As you may have noticed, bad writing is all around us, especially on the web. In fact, most web pages should be placed on a diet and cut back by 50%.

Bad writing is:

  • boring
  • rambling
  • convoluted
  • overly hyped
  • filled with corporate speak or buzzword salad
  • self important
  • unconvincing
  • or simply plain vanilla.

Can you avoid these landmines and create an effective marketing piece?

One that lets your company personality shine through – so you stand out in the marketplace?  Addresses the hot-button issues of your target audience? And motivates your audience to take an action you desire, whether it is call click, buy now subscribe or donate?

Chances are you do not have the tools to craft a promotion that accomplishes all of this.

And if your writing is weak or unconvincing, you say the wrong thing or adopt the wrong tone for your audience this can damage your brand and hurt your credibility. So why take chances?

Turn the project over to a professional copywriter who has the talent and expertise to:

  • Quarterback the assignment so it gets off the ground and keeps going
  • Develop concepts and copy that are right on target for your audience
  • Write benefit-oriented copy that generates leads and sales

Take the guesswork out of your next marketing campaign

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