Is your copywriter a direct response copywriter?

Even if your project or assignment involves a sell sheet, email campaign or website copy, you would do well to hire a direct response copywriter.

In fact, regardless of whether your promotion includes print, radio, digital media or integrated marketing (combining print and online media) a direct response copywriter is just the ticket for every campaign you create.


A different (and better) way of thinking

Direct response copywriters approach creative challenges from a different vantage point than other copywriters.

A direct response copywriter is less interested in romancing the product or writing fluff copy.

Instead, a direct response copywriter will think hard about how to grab your prospect’s attention, create interest, build desire and motivate the prospect to act, whether that means call, click, return a postcard, visit a landing page, or take some other action you desire.

That is because the main agenda of a direct response copywriter is to help you generate leads and sales.

How will this approach help you?

If you are like most marketers, you are bottom line oriented and want each marketing effort or campaign to deliver a positive ROI (return on investment).

When you hire a direct response copywriter, direct marketing fundamentals will underlie every assignment.

So if you want to extract more value from your website and email marketing, my direct response copywriting background means more wins for you online. Plus, as a direct response copywriter I will encourage you to continually test new ideas.

And use the insights you gain to enhance the results from your next campaign.

And the next one after that…

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