What does a copywriter do?

Some people think a copywriter copyrights manuscripts so no one can steal your ideas. Protecting your copyright is actually something you can do for yourself simply by putting your name on your work.

You do not even need the little “c” with the circle around it.

So what does a copywriter do?

A copywriter helps you generate leads and sales or donations

Regardless of whether you are in a for-profit or non-profit business, you need to sell products or services to a customer or client or attract donations.

A copywriter can help you

  1. name your business with a memorable business name
  2. develop a tagline so your business stands out from the competition
  3. name your products to differentiate your business from all others in the marketplace

In addition, you will need to market your business.

This is not build it and they will come, like Field of Dreams. Since not every type of promotion is ideal for every business, a professional copywriter can advise you on which kind of promotion might work best in your case.

This involves understanding who your target audience is and figuring out what will entice that niche.

A promotion for a toy geared to five-to-ten year-olds will likely be structured very differently from a luxury vacation property rental with concierge services or a fundraising appeal aimed at animal lovers.

Often, an integrated marketing campaign combining print and online advertising is just the ticket. Radio spots can be effective, particularly for retail businesses. Some companies hire direct response copywriters and sell only through direct mail.

A copywriter brings you bottom line benefits

If you want to fill your pipeline with leads, sales and donations an upstanding copywriter can help you:

  • present a professional image to the world
  • avoid looking bad with communications that are clichéd, corporate-speak or plain vanilla
  • create promotions tailored to your particular audience

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