Does your website copywriter get it?

15157926_sAre you getting the most from your current website?

The bridge from website “visitor” to new “customer” or “client” involves a LOT of factors with respect to your site. Some of these are the colors, layout, header, incorporating a call to action “above the fold” to name a few.

All this makes getting maximum mileage from your website a tricky business.

Because ONE factor that is OFTEN overlooked is the most basic one… your website COPY.

That’s right.

If you think of your website as an online brochure, think again.

Websites have different properties and requirements than brochures, which are static documents. What is wonderful about the web is how ALIVE it is, so instruct your website copywriter to take full advantage of this unique feature.

Make your more website interactive

Your website is like a living, breathing organism, so put aside any ideas you may have about set it and forget it. You want to engage your audience and get them involved with your brand.

One way to accomplish this is to ask your copywriter to regularly author articles for your site.

This ensures there is always fresh content to entice site visitors to keep coming back, while at the same time positioning you as an expert in your field. By inviting comments, you can get a dialogue going with your prospects and customers.

Another approach might involve a survey, to gather opinions on what site visitors love and don’t love about your products or services. You could glean valuable insight from such feedback while at the same time giving your customers a platform to have their voices heard without stating their views publicly.

Other ways to make your site interactive include newsletter sign-ups, tip sheets to download or drawings and contests. The interactive vehicle you chose should fit the personality of your company/brand and appeal to your target audience.

Use copy that connects with your visitor

Unlike print pieces whose costs are tied to their size, space online is unlimited and extra pages are free. This has led those who do not know the ropes to luxuriate in a verbal food-fest.

Bottom line?

You need to connect to what they are looking for. Stop talking “around” the issue — or worse yet, talking about yourself. Trust me, they don’t care how long you’ve been in business, blah blah blah.

They care about their problem, their issue, their situation. And they are looking for a SOLUTIONS PROVIDER to cut through the nonsense and address what’s going on in their minds.

And the only way to do this effectively is by using copy that CONNECTS with them.

Actually, attention spans are shorter on the web than other mediums, so make sure your website copywriter gets right to the point and keeps it brief.

Include a call to action

Follow that old direct mail dictum, tell ‘em what you want ‘em to do, then tell ‘em again and again.

Give your prospects and customers explicit instructions on the action you want them to take next. Then give them a reason why it’s in their best interest to do so.

Don’t be shy about repeating your call to action over and over.

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