Three copywriting tips that reel in customers

16262631_sAlthough this isn’t exactly a copywriting tip, rule #1 is to walk in the shoes of your customers.

What do they want? What are they looking for? How do they describe their problem, issue or concern?

What type of language, jargon or “buzz words” do they commonly use?

You need to:

  • understand their hot button issues
  • discover what keeps them up at night
  • and position yourself as THE solutions provider uniquely suited to their situation

So how exactly do you pull this off?

Hit that emotional chord

All of us humans are wired to respond to exclusivity…fear…greed…and guilt.

Does your product or service fit into one of these boxes?

For example, if you have a pricey, high end product you could press the exclusivity button by emphasizing it is only available from one well-respected source.

Whereas if you are selling toys, you might touch on fear, quelling parents’ safety concerns by mentioning your quality control procedures, adding that you earned the Good Housekeeping seal.

Develop a company personality – and let that personality shine through

You want your company to stand out in the marketplace and have a “voice” that is clear, honest and true.

Spend some time developing that unique voice and incorporate it into your brand. Steep your copywriter in this voice, so she can carry it through to every channel, from print to web, broadcast, mobile and social.

A voice that fits your culture and appeals to your audience.

Help your customers warm up to your brand

Most companies speak to their customers in ways that are bland, boring or filled with jargon.

Be careful about falling into this trap, because this keeps your customers at a distance or turns them off altogether. Remember, even if you are selling to other businesses, your customers are people first.

People buy from those they know, like and trust, so instruct your copywriter to use a conversational tone. Address your customers as if they were neighbors or friends and your customers will begin to think of you that way as well.

The key?

Hire a copywriter who you feel can write in a way that touches your audience on an emotional level.

That’s the key…

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