Three ways website copywriters boost your bottom line

7014844_sAlthough you may have been able to turn in an above average term paper, are you able to write copy that turns passing visitors into customers?

That is the province of website copywriters.

And writing for the web has its own “set of rules” that make it a bit different than “traditional” copywriting.

Website copywriters make you look good online

There seems to be an overabundance of bad writing online – more so than other venues.

Bad writing can include:

  • typos
  • grammatical mistakes
  • be clichéd
  • corporate-speak
  • or downright boring.

I’m not sure why this is – after all, websites are where companies present their brand to the world. Doesn’t anyone realize that bad writing may quickly UNCONVINCE visitors to do business with you? Damage your credibility and reputation? And undo everything you intend your website to accomplish?

In any case, a seasoned website copywriter will inoculate your website against bad writing.

They will help you stand out from the crowd of other companies online by communicating your core values while maintaining (and portraying) your company personality.

And present your company so that personality shines through, ensuring your copy is lively and engaging.

Website copywriters prevent tunnel vision

Have you ever seen a website that is little more than a laundry list of we do this we do that? Website owners may want to describe every single product and service offered.

But — and this is KEY — site visitors want to know WIIFM – “what’s in it for me.”

They care about THEIR problem, issue, or need.

Not yours.

A qualified website copywriter will ask a lot of questions about your target audience, so she can pitch the copy to their biggest fears or desires. This can include greed, guilt and desire for recognition.

Website copywriters grab and hold your visitors’ attention

By avoiding tunnel vision and shifting the focus to your visitors’ agenda, your website copywriter positions your company so that visitors get the feeling you are speaking directly to them.

And become motivated to buy, buy buy!

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