What is a marketing copywriter?

16042641_sSome copywriters confine themselves to one specialty such as catalog copy, white papers or advertising.

Others zero in on a particular category or line of business like publishing, high tech or inspirational.

To my mind, marketing copywriters are generalists who help companies whose focus is B2B as well as B2C across a variety of industries.

Should you seek a copywriter who specializes in your niche?

In my view, this is the least important criteria to focus on when searching for a copywriter.

While it is true that most clients seem to place a huge amount of emphasis on this kind of experience, a professional copywriter worth her salt can write effective copy on most any subject.

What can a marketing copywriter bring to the table?

The answer is, that depends on the copywriter’s…

  • years of experience
  • commitment and dedication
  • creativity
  • conceptual ability
  • writing style
  • understanding of your prospects’ pain points
  • and a whole lot more.

If you have chosen well, a marketing copywriter can typically bring a fresh perspective to your project.

Copywriting is a field where there is no certification or professional degree required, so you must be on the lookout for charlatans, “consultants” who are simply between jobs and moonlighters who have no actual copywriting expertise.

Visit the copywriter’s website.

Check out his credentials and client list.

Go through her portfolio to see the types of projects she takes on. What kind of concepts does she come up with? How does she solve creative problems? Does she have a track record of successes?

These are just a few of the many questions to consider before you hire a copywriter. Why not request my Free Tip Sheet – 10 Things to Consider BEFORE you hire a copywriter – and get the inside story on everything you need to know before you make the leap.

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