13 Brand Marketing Tips to Boost your Brand

13826577_sThink of your brand as a living thing which needs regular care and feeding.

This means you must always keep promoting your brand, so you stay top of mind with customers and prospects.

Here are 13 tactics to help you increase your visibility – so that when a customer or prospect needs what you are selling… they think of you.

13 brand marketing tips

1. Develop a tagline

Encapsulate what you do and how you’re different using up to 6 words.

2. Implement a PR Strategy

Think of newsworthy information you can distribute that gets the word out and reinforces your brand.

3. Start a Newsletter or ezine

Focus your content on key issues of interest to your target market and keep sending regularly.

4. Write articles

Boost your site’s content and rankings, position your company as the expert and engage your prospects and customers with your brand.

5. Survey your customers

Use the feedback they provide to become more customer-focused, which informs your marketing and strengthens your brand.

6. Develop a company personality 

Let that personality shine through in print and online, so you stand out in the marketplace

7. Brand all communications 

Use your logo and tagline everywhere to reinforce your branding

8. Brand every touchpoint 

Use one voice regardless of channel

9. Stay in front of your target audience…

at least 5 times a year – or as much as they will allow. Vary the channel and format, because more channels = better response…up to 35% better.

10. Create a loyalty program 

Reward your biggest customers and frequent referrers, and stay on their radar.

11. Speak to different customers differently 

Create varying offers for different segments of your market such as first-time buyers or biggest customers, and convey you are speaking to them personally.

12. Interact with your customers in multiple ways

Sponsor an event, contest or webinar or moderate a discussion board.

13. Gain visibility with branded give-aways 

Free ebooks, pens, T-shirts, baseball caps, all emblazoned with your name, tagline, logo.

Don’t limit yourself to one or two tactics.

Implement these suggestions in combination to reinforce your brand. Remember, consistency and frequency are crucial elements of a successful branding campaign.

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