Was your copywriter a web copy writer?

15690058_sAs you probably know, writing for the web is different than writing for print, radio and any other medium.

For one thing, the attention span of your target audience can probably be measured in nanoseconds.

Unless you have cornered the market and are the only source on the planet for your product or service, your prospect is likely flitting from your site to your competitors’.

It’s incredibly easy to amass information and comparison shop simply by hopping on the web for a few minutes.

Stop your prospect in his tracks

Thus, you have an incredibly small window to capture your prospect’s interest and attention on your site and in your email marketing blasts, ezines, banner ads and any other form of online promotion.

Remember, while your graphics need to be strong, it is the copy first and foremost that will entice your prospect…or not.

This means your web copy writer must really hone your messaging and write from the vantage point of your prospect.

Address what your prospect wants

Everyone wants something, for example, to look good, feel good or do good.

People want to solve problems…be entertained…give back. Your web copy writer must answer the implied question, “What can you do for me…”

  • that no one else can
  • better, quicker, more conveniently than anyone else
  • cheaper than anyone else

Think of how Amazon has nailed this and brought other retailers to their knees.

Then ask your web copy writer to get the word out by spelling out your key differentiator/value proposition in as few words as possible.

Does that make sense to you?

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